In September 2017, it started with a simple question.

“Would you like to start running?”

Within a week, two people were supporting each other to run further, faster, better. And then it grew a little. We connected with friends who also dabbled with running. More encouragement, more support and within a few months we’d established a little online social group to share races and discuss obstacles and achievements. Our new activity was making us healthier and competitive. We were shifting the pounds and running distances we never thought we’d achieve. We gave ourselves a collective name and we printed some t-shirts so we felt a bit more inclusive in the sea of running club logos.

Fast forward to today. Our group is bigger, but we’re just as supportive as before. And the t-shirts have evolved to really stand out amongst the brands and other running club logos.

Large collage

Our aim.

Being part of a running group is great for mental health and wellbeing. So our aim is simple, inclusivity. It doesn’t matter if you’re fast, slow, old, young or out of action due to injury. We’re around to support, inspire, motivate, challenge and chat. As the community grows, we’d love to extend that feeling of wellbeing and run small events that give back to local communities.

Our collective bio.

The community is diverse and we love that. We’re proud to have marathoners, Parkrunners, racegoers, keep-fitters, time-chasers, dad-runners, mum-runners, triathlon-ers and marshalls in our family. We’re all  at varying abilities too, from sub-35 10k’ers to reluctant runners who aspire to run longer distances at their own pace.

We’re inclusive. Check us out.

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