Baby, it’s cold outside and my mojo is missing.

I seem to have almost lost my running mojo. I’m not sure where it’s gone although it’s probably in hibernation in my nice warm bed.
Last year I ran three times a week in weather colder than brass monkeys. Unless it was slippy, or snowy, I ran. I usually don’t mind the rain unless it’s pouring. But today, right now, I’m thinking about the run I’m supposed to be doing tomorrow morning and wondering if it will miraculously snow overnight, so I have an excuse. It won’t. When I actually get out there, I’m fine and I love the ‘high’ at the end of the run, knowing that I’ve done my exercise quota for the day before I’ve even had a shower. But getting out of bed and pulling on my leggings, that’s another story. I really don’t know why I’m feeling like this. They say that sometimes if you sign up for virtual races, it gives you a kick up the bum. So I did – I’ve pledged 50 miles in December and I’ve paid £14 for the privilege. It’s the 18th of December today and I’ve not even reached 20 miles. If it doesn’t snow, then my run tomorrow should take me just past 20 miles. No where near the 50. I am grateful for my ability. And I am truly thankful for my health. So I should get out there, right? Tomorrow I WILL run. Mojo, or no mojo, I will get my running gear ready on the bannister and prepare for the 5.40am wake up call. Who’s with me?

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