No carrots for me. I’m chasing mince pies this Christmas.

I like food. I always have. And it’s become apparent over the last 18 months that I may have a bit of a problem with it. I can easily forget how many calories I have consumed and go large. And I sometimes think that those four chicken nuggets I have eaten from the kids leftovers are better off in my gob than a bin.

Without my Slimming World regime, I could quite easily go crazy with food. But SW tends to slow me down and make me a bit more mindful (most days).

I can’t say that I have the same affection for running as I do for food. But the two together work for me.

On those ‘off plan’ weeks, I try and run to help me keep the weight off.

At the moment, my slimming focus is on a short break and I’m finding that I’m chowing down far more than I should be. My mojo is also low. But I know that with the holidays approaching, I’ll have the opportunity to run more. And if I run more, I control my calories more.

Slimming World tells me to always prepare. I don’t think that researching the number of miles I have to run to burn off a mince pie, a lump of Stilton and a bottle of wine is quite what they had in mind, but that’s what I’ve done anyway.

So there we have it folks. I like to eat. And running helps me to enjoy my food without much of a guilty after effect. It’s like they’re built for each other.

And this Christmas, I’m prepared for a fat fight with my trainers as weapons.

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