Why I love Parkrun.

It’s so flipping friendly, accessible and family oriented.

Today is Saturday which, from my point of view and from the point of a runner, should be renamed #Parkrunday. And on this Parkrunday we ran as a family – me, my sister, brother and my son.

Today was a ‘not bothered about the time’ day. My sister and I ran and chatted whilst my brother ran ahead with my 9 year old. We saw incredibly fast Santas, lots of Elves, a Bumblebee, and at one point I was running side by side with a snowman.

Today, was also a day for PB’s for my sister and my son. I’m so proud of them both.

If you haven’t run a #Parkrun yet, please go. It doesn’t matter about your 5k time or ability. Go for the banter, the encouragement and the slice of cake and coffee afterwards. And if you’ve got kids, take them along too.

At my first ever Parkrun, two ladies came to talk to me after it had finished to say well done. They went on to explain they were Parkrun veterans and assessed each venue by their toilet access and cake eating facilities afterwards. Top tip!

My local Parkrun is Nostell Priory so if you see me in my #UFR t-shirt, say hello.

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