Chapter 1: The story of how it all began….

Let me just get it out there, I am no natural runner. I can honestly say my running days were forced upon me by my nearest and dearest. They certainly weren’t spurred by personal choice. This is the story of how it all began….

So the challenge to complete a 5k race was on. The race date was set. I had five weeks to get from zero to 5k; I was starting from scratch.

I knew I had to start somewhere, so one evening when the kids and husband were occupied I disappeared upstairs, dug out some old trainers, some old cycling shorts from my gym days 10 years earlier, and borrowed a t-shirt out of my husbands drawer. I couldn’t risk anyone seeing me though, so I also borrowed his running cap to hide under. My goal, to run to the local bridge and back. It couldn’t be that hard, could it?

I had no ‘couch to 5k ‘app to follow and no coach behind me spurring me on. It was just me on my own with some old clothes and a need to ‘give it a go’.

So off I went without a clue of what to do and what to expect. I was slow, my chest hurt, my shorts kept riding up my thighs and my legs were chafing. I had to keep stopping for a breather and I really thought I was going to die, there and then with old cycling shorts and a cap on. What on earth was I doing!? The cap was my saviour though, god forbid if anyone recognised me. Despite everything though, I managed to ‘move’ 1.9 miles. Did I enjoy it? Not in the slightest, but, no one beeped their horn and the people on the bus didn’t flinch as they went past, so I got away with it, that time.

That evening was agony though. My knees were shot. They were so painful, I was literally crawling up the stairs on my hands and knees to get to the loo. Suddenly the achievement of ‘moving’ a reasonable distance with the word mile in it started to fade and a stark reality set in that this 5k lark was not going to be easy.

To be continued…..

Am I alone on this quest or does my story mean something to you too? I’d love to hear your stories and tips. Don’t be shy, they are just what I need to keep me going.

Why not visit our Facebook chit chat group? It’s a great community for Reluctant Runners, plodders, jeffers, and elite athletes (although we’ve not got many of those!).

Whichever category you fall into, come and say hello.

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