The sprout season is my saviour.

I’d signed up to do a 50 mile run challenge in December to try and jump-start my running mojo which was missing, presumed lost. I wasn’t 100% positive it would work, however I was willing to give it a go.

Unfortunately in mid December, with a prescription of antibiotics and rest in front of me, I was believing my challenge was near impossible and my fourteen quid was down the drain. Oh how wrong was I, for as quickly as it disappeared my mojo returned.

Here’s what happened…

I’d reluctantly pulled on my leggings the Friday before Christmas, laced up my trainers and braced myself for a cold, dark morning run. I can’t say that I enjoyed the run. It was everything I’d feared – cold and hard. But for some reason, when I got back I was actually looking forward to doing my next run, which was Christmas Parkrun.

On #Parkrun morning, I was running with my sister in elf tights and a red tutu (I’d become strangely addicted to the red tutu after a charity event but that’s another blog). I wasn’t bothered about my run time so I stayed with my sister and chatted. It was lovely. And I was really enjoying it. On the second uphill lap she was tiring a little and told me to run on ahead. But I didn’t. I stuck by her preferring to stay with her and chat to a snowman instead of racing on.

Then on the last downward hill my mojo made an appearance; I suddenly wanted to give that next upward hill some welly, which was a feeling I’d not had for quite some time.

I applied the welly and finished Parkrun with a smile.

With my mojo in place, I embraced the next dark morning run on Christmas Eve with more gusto, despite it being a tad icy, and to my surprise I did a decent pace. Then I laced up on Christmas day, and Boxing day. And I can honestly say that I could’ve gone for a run today but I thought I’d better rest.

And now I only have 12 miles to go until I hit the required 50 and get the medal.


It seems the Christmas spirit did me a favour. Whether it was the elf tights, the lovely chat, or the snowman that did it, I’ll never know. But when the sprouts came out, I found my mojo.

Thank you Christmas.

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