Chapter 3: Can you still buy trundle wheels?

I have a new phone. It’s not any old phone, it’s a super special phone. A phone that probably no-one else has. The rest of my family seem to opt for their phones and gadgets having a letter of the alphabet in the title (if you get my drift) but I’m so lucky that I had one shipped all the way from China. So where am I heading with this thread? Well at the time of my next run I was using this phone to track my distance.

10 days had already passed since the bypass run, and the 5k challenge date was getting nearer, so I figured I needed to get my bum out there again to practice getting my legs to move faster than a walking pace. I can’t say it was a burning desire but I had to bite the bullet sometime.

There was no time like the present so one evening after work I put on those old trainers, running pants and cap and off I went with the aim of getting to the next village and back. Its not far, just less than a mile each way, but it’s far enough for a reluctant runner with a half cocked ambition of reaching 5k.

I did manage, albeit quite slowly, to get to the next village. I wasn’t able to manage the hills and reduced my speed to a respectable walk to tackle those beasts. I certainly wasn’t fast and it probably didn’t look very pretty to the casual observer, but I made it to the next village. I was absolutely elated, gleefully giving the village sign a joyful high-5 when I reached it before turning round and doing the whole thing again to get home.

I’ll be honest, I looked an absolute state when I got home, ungracefully collapsing on the sofa in a sweating mess. Once my pulse had returned back to somewhere near half normal it was time to check my new phone to see what I’d done. I can only assume my phone was tracking me on GPS in China that day as the dratted thing had stopped working after two minutes!! I was absolutely gutted beyond belief. So not only did I look like a boiled beetroot for my efforts, I also didn’t have a clue how far I’d ‘moved’. In all seriousness, I may as well have run with a trundle wheel!

Was this possibly a sign to give this running lark a wide berth and focus on baking buns instead? As a reluctant runner this alternative pastime was beginning to sound quite appealing!

To be continued…..

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