Chapter 4: Running to music…. it’s a thorn in my side!

Technology seriously let me down on my last run, but not to be deterred from giving it another go, a couple of days later off I went again. I was still running up that hill solo and still hadn’t got around to downloading a couch to 5k app, so had no idea what I was doing on my road to know where. I had already suffered my previous ground control to Major Tom GPS malfunction, nevertheless it was time to move on up.

I was being motivated to keep going, not by those around me, but by witnessing an 80 year old man complete the Hornsea Third Marathon in under 2 hours! I had been one of the supporters at the race and had stayed and clapped each and every one of its competitors home. I was in awe as a spritely 80 year old gentleman was one of those runners who finished well within the time limit. I had always thought that being in my mid forties was a real excuse for not running but at that point having witnessed this truly inspirational man cross the finish line smiling I knew that my age was no barrier. If he could do it there was absolutely no reason why I couldn’t.

But I needed something else to get me out there. I decided music was the way forward so I nipped down to the supermarket and bought some cheap ear phones. I could have used one of the ample sets that the husband has bought himself over the years but this was my race at my pace and I wanted my own. I bought a pair my family wouldn’t go near just so they were definitely mine.

There was only one problem, I had no music. I’m a complete technophobe with stuff like this and didn’t know what to do. Anyway, I bit the bullet and asked the husband for help. I got the reply “you’ve got a music app” so I figured out how to access some 80’s rock music and off I went in my old trainers and new ear phones listening to classics from Bon Jovi and Billy Idol along with other rock songs from a bygone era.

I’ve got to admit, those classic tunes hit the spot and helped me pound those pavements with ease. And this time the GPS seemed to be working fine ensuring I clocked another 1.9 miles on Strava, but I was struggling with the ear phones. The dratted things kept falling out and I kept having to stop to put them back in. The other problem was that I had nowhere to keep my phone so I was holding it in my hand. As the earphones weren’t bluetooth this left a long dangling wire between ears and phone. All was going well until I ran much too close to an overgrown rose bush. It’s branch gave me a right whack on the arm, one of its spikey thorns managing to catch the dangling wire just in the right place resulting in a bruising earphone yank. Ouch!!

Mr Bon Jovi just didn’t have the same sound quality after that. My ears were also quite painful, and not as a result of listening to an eclectic jive bunny type mix of classic 80’s rock music either.

I concluded that evening that the music would’ve sounded better if I’d gone out running with a gettoblaster perched procariously on my right shoulder. It might have resulted in a few funny looks but at least I wouldn’t have a painful ear and broken earphones.

As is the story of my life, technology had conspired against me but ever the optimist, and with a wonderful unknown man as my inspiration, I knew things could only get better.

To be continued…..

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