My whoops moment.

Samuel Taylor Coleridge was certainly onto something when he wrote “Water, water, everywhere…”, I wonder whether he’d been to the Hornsea One Third Marathon?

Can you guess where I’m going with this blog? Yep, I bet you can… but let me set the scene anyway (cue dreamy music).

This was my chance to show myself what I could do. It was to be the furthest I’d ever run AND it had marathon in the race title. OMG, excited was an understatement.

Toilet trip done and I was feeling good on the lead up to the race. I’d been eyeing up the pre-race snack stall, particularly a homemade prune oat bake thingy made by the dearies who volunteered for the charity. It had to be good so I decided to blow the diet and snaffled one. I was right, it was delicious but made me a little thirsty, so I had a drink of water.

Five minutes before we had to amble over to the start line, I thought I needed to pee again. But I put it to the back of my mind. Too late I had a race to run!

The gun goes, I’m fine. In fact, I’m loving it – picking runners off one by one and tackling little hills head on with gusto. I’m in my element.

Water station ahead – I’m not really thirsty but I take a cup. That’s the done thing to do, right?

Another water station ahead. I’m a little thirsty now so I’ll have a big drink. Oooh, I could do with a wee. But I’m not desperate.

Mile 7. There it is again. That little bladder twinge. But I’ll be fine.

Mile 8. The urge to pee is too great, Captain. She’s going to go.

Mile 8.1. Oh my heavens. The flood gates have opened. I can’t stop it!

Mile 8.4. I hope the runners behind me can’t see a wet patch.

Finish line. Thank the Lord! I’ll just have to run right through, past the cheering crowd and straight to the toilets to see what the damage is.

I don’t think I’ve ever been so glad to see a smelly toilet cubicle.

“Phew, thank you favourite black running leggings, you served me well today.”

No wet patch to see. I could’ve kissed the ground (except I didn’t because I was in that smelly toilet cubicle).

I grab a banana, my medal and stroll over to meet my family at the finish line wearing soggy leggings and a smile.

And there you have it. Stress incontinence paid a visit that day and I’ve been living in fear of its return ever since. Although I have to say I’m managing it well. My pre-race TTT approach (Two Toilet Trips) seems to have done the trick thus far and I’ve not had another mishap, yet.

Did I learn a lesson that day? Yes, and I’ll share it with you… Get yourself a dedicated race bag and stick a spare pair of knickers, leggings and a plastic bag in it. We hung around for a little while after the race and then got stuck in the mud in the field car park. So I was in those soiled leggings for a good 1.5 hours post race! I’m surprised I still have friends… Whiffy. 😳

I can laugh about it now, but I was horrified at the time. So much so in fact, that I immediately logged onto the Tena Lady website and bagged myself some free samples!

Hence why my new running nickname is now Lady Tena.

I’ll be using my pre-filled and dedicated race bag in April when I tackle that run again.

If you like this kind of blog, why not visit our Facebook chat group and join some rather lovely people who also have a few running stories to tell.

Stay foxy (even in soggy wet leggings).

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