Arriba, Arriba… I think Popeye might have been onto something.

The last few months have been frustrating to say the least. Last summer I was running at an enviable speed for a ‘wasfatlass’ forty something. Then the Autumn came and I was zapped. My mojo was becoming increasingly difficult to locate. It seemed like every run was harder than usual, almost like running through custard and after only a few hundred metres, I could’ve easily stopped and walked home.

I didn’t though.

Then during one chatty run chat at work, it got mentioned that someone my colleague knew upped her iron intake and she was like speedy gonzalez again. Apparently women need more iron when they exert themselves with high impact exercise.

Okay. That’s a plan then. A liquid iron supplement was bought post haste from Amazon. Feroglobin was to be my saviour. I have to admit that the packaging made me psychologically vomit every time I took a swig. It reminded me of a blood bank label and I swear I could taste red blood cells.

I had high hopes. But two weeks later and I felt no different.

So I then bought it in tablet form which, I’m happy to report, is much more paletable.

Fast forward two weeks and I’ve now started to eat spinach instead of lettuce leaves for my lunch. Again a lot tastier than liquid Feroglobin!

And do you know what. The last two runs have been easier. I still find that hills slow me down and probably always will. But on the flat, I feel I have more bounce, push and willing.

It’s early days but so far I’m thinking that Popeye was definitely onto something. Spinach might be the best thing since garlic bread.

So now my task is to try and eat more iron rich foods and see if that makes a difference… 🤔

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