Product Review: Flanci Active capris (my flanci pants)

I’ve always considered running leggings to be a key bit of kit. And, to be quite honest, I’ve got a few pairs but none are perfect. Too small, too baggy, too rubbery (!!) no pocket, etc. So when I read about Flanci Active, a small and relatively new active wear brand based down in the South West, I wanted to know more.

The brand was the child of Nicks, a passionate runner. So her knowledge of running needs and comfort was sure to help my plight and I was persuaded to part my with cash.

Benissa Fiesta, Capri £34.99 (May 2019)

Delivery: They arrived within a couple of days of ordering – much quicker than expected.

Fabric: Really nice. The pattern and colours don’t fade when stretched, like some other brands I own.

The design I have is, in my opinion, their brightest. Their other designs are just as nice though and I do covet their grazing giraffe print. You can get matching headbands (buffs) for some of their designs.

Fit: I’m a 14 and their Large size fits me perfectly.

Wear: They’re really light so when I’m wearing them I don’t feel too hot or constricted which makes them great for warmer weather if you don’t want to brave shorts.

The capris sit a little higher on the waist and have a drawstring tie. Whilst the drawstring is great for keeping them in place when running, make sure you tie them when washing otherwise you’ll be rethreading before running (a small price to pay).

No chafe or movement. I do have some cheaper capris that I’m constantly pulling out of my butt crack. But not these.

The pocket sits on the waistband at the back and is large enough for my Sony phone. It’s easy to get in and out (tested on a photogenic run in France) and it doesn’t bounce around in there.

Conclusion: I love them and I’ll be buying more from this brand. In fact, I’ve just bought some for a family member for their birthday so she can experience them.

They’re not the cheapest brand but the styling and wearability is definitely worth the extra pennies.

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  1. What a lovely review. We are very proud of the brand we have created and are so lucky to have the talented Jan Olive on board who creates all the lovely prattern orints for us. Nicky

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