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There are many reasons why people run. That’s why we want to give you as many perspectives as possible so you connect with UFR in the best way possible.

We’d love to get you involved too. If you’d like to write a short blog piece, send it to us.


Wartsandallmums is a mum blogger who found running addictive in 2017. Her journey of zero to half marathon in 12 months, along with 4 stone weight loss, inspired others and she’s now surrounded by running buddies.

“I’m a novice runner who thinks about running a full marathon one day, but I can’t be bothered with the training and I worry about my knees, so it’ll never happen. In the meantime, I’m just sharing what I learn and find on my ‘maybe one day’ marathon journey.”

The Reluctant Runner

The commitment to ‘the plod’ started after someone dear said to me “you should start running”. My inner thoughts at the time were ‘no way, that’s just wrong. Who’d want to see me, with my big thighs, muffin top stomach and ‘G’ cup running. I’d get jeered at. In fact, they’ll throw rotten veg at me as I pass by. My actual response was, “mmm, I’ll think about it”.

The Unknown Fox

He’s the man behind the tee shirt and the novice runner in front of other novices. Meet the Unknown Fox.

“We all run at different paces, sometimes in groups or families, and sometimes on our own. In a lot of ways, we embody the Fox. They’re independent, hunt on their own but are fiercely protective of their family.

“I like foxes.”

Old Trotters Tales

Growing up in South Yorkshire, in a typical pit family with three siblings to learn from, OTT has lots of sporty tales to tell and he’s decided to share them all with you. From early activities and realisations through to competing in regional championships and teaching others, you can expect light, whimsical musings mixed with social history. Enjoy.

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