Saucony Cambridge Half Marathon

Reviewed by Wartsandallmums

2019 entry (March). Cost: £40 (ish)


  • Toilets (lots of them)
  • Running stalls
  • Massage stations
  • Food stalls
  • Paid for park and ride from 3 car parks (£5)
  • Refreshments

Ease of booking 🦊🦊🦊🦊

Parking NA

How many water/fuel stations? Four, with water and gels.

Race rewards

  • Medal
  • Goody bag with (lots of) treats
  • Plus more treats as you walk through the finish including a non-alcoholic beer!

What was the route like? Flat as a pancake.

Were headphones allowed? No, unless bone conductors.


I spotted the Saucony Cambridge Half Marathon race on my Facebook newsfeed; it wasn’t on my radar before then so I had no information to go on. They release the places in phases, so after you register they filter through and send invites to Cambridge postcodes first, then runners who had pre-registered and then if there are any spaces left, they open it up to the masses. I was lucky in that I have a friend who lives in Cambridge so she bagged us a couple of places, otherwise I might not have got a spot on the line up.

Cambridge - How many runners...
How many runners?!


I’d never run such a big race – I think it was billed at 15,000 runners – and I was a little apprehensive of getting there and being a little overwhelmed but it was amazingly well-organised.  The toilet queue seemed huge. In any other race the start would have been and gone by the time a penny was spent, but the number of cubicles was more than ample and the queue went down really fast. Even the call to the start was easy; it was colour coded and separated so the split seemed natural.

Cambridge - toilet queue
The toilet queue. There were four queues, all the same size!

It was a coolish day and it was drizzling, sometimes really raining. However, spirits were high and the rain didn’t hamper the race at all. I’m not from Cambridge so the flat route was appealing. I was expecting some undulations so I was pleasantly surprised to fine none. Bonus!

Cambridge Half Marathon

The four water stations were well placed and had a selection of gels, although I don’t use them. They were stationed after 2.3 miles (Bridge Street), 5.1 miles (Trumpington), 8 miles (Barton Road) and 10.8 miles (Bridge Street). I think this helped to break up the HM into sizeable chunks.

I loved the goody bag and medal.


One of the post-race highlights was the fact that the organisers automatically sent you your photos via your Facebook feed. They must recognise your race bib number and allocate them to you. I did think it would be a while before we got them through but it was instant. Pretty amazing really.

Would I do it again? Yes I would. It was a tad more expensive that I would usually be happy to pay but I loved it and I’m hoping to get a place next year.

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