Wakefield Hospice 10k

Reviewed by Wartsandallmums.

2018 entry (Sunday 25/03)


  • Bag drop
  • Toilets
  • Spectator Facilities
  • Suitable for child spectators
  • Refreshments

Ease of booking

Spectator support along the route


How many water/fuel stations? 1, single use plastic bottle (not sports top). Plus water at the finish.

Tell us about the race rewards

  • No medal
  • Tech t-shirt
  • Goody bag

What was the route like? Undulating

Were headphones allowed? Yes


This was my first ever race. We rocked up a bit late to the party as the runners were already making the walk to the start line, so I didn’t get to see the toilet queue before the run (but Lord knows I needed it with the nerves).

The route is all closed roads so headphones were allowed. And there was a good mixture of flats and small inclines, with one long hill in the middle. I have to say it’s not the prettiest of routes but there’s a really good atmosphere all the way along and lots of families supporting us at the end in Thornes Park.

The parking is ample but not plentiful and we ended up going right round the circuit before decided to park on the road. So I would suggest getting there as early as you can.

They did have a kids fun run which my two children took part in, and they received a cardboard medal as a trophy.

If you will have family spectating, the end of the race is situated within Thornes Park which has a large play area for the kids, so it’s quite family friendly in that respect.

I’ve booked the race again this year.

My chip time was 57.56.

Cost: 瞿22 in 2018. You do have the option of an early bird cost of 瞿20 which they release in December. 

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